Sunday, 21 May 2017


I miss writing, but I am mostly speechless.

 Capricorns love being know-it-alls.  But, when mad things happen, Capricorns hide.

It's time to feed the soul and nurture the body.

The terminal struggle with cigarettes persists. I am great at stopping and equally likely to chain smoke. I take vitamins.  I consider walking more, but aimless wandering doesn't suit me.

I'm taking a break from my usual life to rest.  I expect to be indulging in a deeper spiritual endeavour, encouraging new friends and maybe learning new things.

I feel a bit like a teenager.  Venturing out into the world alone.

I shall enjoy visits from my grandson, but that definitely means the body is going to need more attention.

And I need a solution to my snoring which my diplomatic daughter says isn't pleasant.

Mid-year goals set.  Looking forward to the adventure.

Love and Light.

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