Tuesday, 9 May 2017


When comedians stop, not Dylan Moran, of course, we will fight to the death for wine, cigarettes and common sense.  Well, he will. I'm not promising anything.

Where was I?  Yes. Without comedians, I think we will be led down a dangerous road of ... wait for it ... religious extremism and all manner of not so nice adventures.

I bet there isn't one comedian out there under the bombarded, drone infested skies.  Maybe a plumber. But no funny man.

Political correctness has taken on because society is afraid of consequences.It is now just cover from the opponent for a sinister empty threat: Truth is unwelcome, even if it's funny. Try it and you die.  

My studies in Kabbalah have taught me that political correctness is spiritual.
One does not bad mouth the man in power.

I don't indulge in President bashing. Unless deleting pictures of a sunburned contorted face is a kind of bashing.... I suppose it is.  Mia culpa.

To quote from a movie, "Don't tease the beast."   ("Boys on the Side," I think.)

Besides I was safe while President Obama was in the White House.  I couldn't find fault with him. Now, of course, one is tested.  I can proudly announce that my President can read. He's iffy on big numbers, but he can read.

So don't stop the comedians.

They are probably the only guys and girls out there who really get what's happening. They have to read newspapers and watch the politicians ... that's where they get their material.

They make it palatable.  Not that it matters, I don't think.

The Beginning is nigh, the last board in the street read, albeit in a photograph and not on my street

But, back to religious extremism.

Christians are being murdered and arrested and ...

That is as far as my delicate soul is prepared to research, coming back from the dark, as I have, I need a bit more time to digest where I left off and what's happened since.

Artists and writers, poets and sculptors, these are our historians. Most die in poverty because no one owns them.

Anyway, welcome, Madam President. I know you can't resist.

Being a Catholic Christian, with affiliations to the Church of Antioch as well as a Kabbalah student, I promise I'll survive any comments, but none are required unless you are in the mood.

Well, it's morning.  At Last.


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